The extraordinary art piece – a chair called the Egg Chair of Concrete

On April 27, 2018 Madatart held group exhibition of 18 artists from all over the world.  The show titled “Into The Heart Of The World” was held in the World Trade Gallery  located in the financial district of Manhattan. The dream location for all artists hosted the extraordinary art piece – a chair called the Egg Chair of Concrete by Solmaz Fooladi.
   Fully packed exhibition hosted curious crowd to view this extraordinary artwork. The Egg Chair is a new trend that fascinates its viewers. Ukrainian artist Solmaz Fooladi works in the Persian modernism style, combining the luxury and symbols of ancient civilizations with modern architectural trends and technologies. Not limiting herself to any architectural style in the creation of objects, Solmaz, however, prefers loft industrial style.
She also knows how to make dead things alive, collecting stuff from Soviet time, rusty metal, old wooden pieces and turning them into completely genuine work of art. In her projects, she also uses such materials as concrete, glass, fixtures, oxidized metal. Meanwhile, Solmaz is not divorced from her roots, filling the space with warmth and colors of the East. Flame and dignity of Persian Sun, an abundance of the Babylon gardens, the colorful riot of Oriental rugs are organically used in Solmaz Fooladi’s solutions with unexpected combinations of elements. Reinterpretation of what has become classic, giving the second life to seemingly unnecessary and forgotten subjects are Solmaz’s works major trends in the past few years.

“It looks so cool, but is it comfortable?”- asked our exhibition guest whose name was Mark. “The artistic and convenient at the same time”. “Feels smoother than it looks and is convenient” responded our guest after taking sit into the chair.

“ I wish I had something lIke this in my back yard”- Commented Madatart guest Sopia Dalin, who was focused on taking selfies while resting in the chair.

“Since I launched art promotion company, I represented various artists, but to represent Solmaz was a new experience for me, she can make piece of art, with sings, which sometimes, we did not pay attantion at all. People was really impressed, to see, how she accomplished this. I will be delighted to represent her in the future as her art is so special”

Meet Lali kharebava at World Trade Gallery!

Lali Kharebava was born in 1969 February 5nd  Tbilisi, Georgia

1992-96 Graduated from Georgian State Institute of Culture as an expert manager of Art. Tbilisi, Georgia. Academy of Art Tbilisi, Georgia. Course: Interior and Decoration.(Furniture decorative clothing)

1984-87 Graduated from Art collage named after M. Toidze. Tbilisi, Georgia

Lali Kharebava is a very interesting and successful artist. She knits tapestries and creates decorative handmade felt masterpieces

. Lali took part in numerous exhibitions in Georgia and abroad.

2018 ArtExpo New York

2008 Art gallery “Arsi”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2007 Art gallery KOPALA, Tbilisi, Georgia

2001 New York, USA

1997 State Museum of Tbilisi, Georgia

1989 New York, USA

1988 Lion, France

Lali’s works have always been inspired with ancient  Georgian ornaments and art-works. In her tapestries and felt works old and modern refined styles are harmoniously combined. Her technique is fascinating, the variety and gradation  of colours are stunning, She artistically plays with them and shows her true self.

Meet Natia Bekauri at World Trade Gallery!

Natia Bekauri is a successful artist, she works in ancient Georgian technique of enamel and makes beautiful masterpieces. She is well-known in Georgia and abroad. She started her art career in nineties and has always inspired by art.

In 2007 she became interested in ancient Georgian technology of enamel and untill today she is involved in this field of art. She is self-taught artist. 2010-2012 she had been working in well-known workshop “pokani”. Her works are exposed in different galleries in Georgia, one of them is gallery “ornament”, and also in USA


Natia had been working in “Arthaus” which is in of of the regions of Georgia, Khevsureti , where she had been teaching this technology of ename to interested tourists and residents.She is known for her exquisite style, boundless scale of colours and precise technique.

Meet Ana Janukashvili at World Trade Gallery!


Ana Janukashvili  in 2000 I graduated Sulkhan – Saba Orbeliani Tbilisi State University, qualification of a fine and decorative applied art specialist. Had diploma work in costume design with the topic “Georgian –national costumes”. After graduation, I continued creative work in fine art pulpit of the university.

  • In 2002 I was participating in the exhibition, which took place in a historic museum “Qarvasla”, I presented models of costume, accessories and artistic panels made by felt tissue,    which for that time was new. Media paid big attention to my work and it was successfully liked by everyone.
  • In years 2003-2006 with my collection of felt tissue costumes, I have successfully participated in Gudauri and Bakuriani ice festival.
  • In 2005 I became a member of Georgian Artist union.
  • In 2005 few artists, including myself, established workshop called “Tekis Saxli” (felt house)
  • From 2008 we changed our workshop name and it became “minankris Saxli” (Enamel house) and after that, we continue our artwork. We also have students, Georgians, as well as other ethnicity students and we, teach them the Enamel technology.
  • In 2013 I presented my Enamel collection in the gallery of “Lado Gudiashvili“
  • In 2016 I was invited in Saint Petersburg by the leading jewelry company named “Ruskie samocveti” with my personal exhibition, presented collection of Enamel jewelry. This exhibition was covered by media and got great approval.
  • In 2018 I became a member of “woman business association”, where I worked from 2014.
  • In April 2018, I will take part in an exhibition held in “World Trade Gallery”, New-York, where I will present my new Enamel collection.

The brand called “Januka” (the base of my last name) was made for my work. My jewelry is sold under this brand and they all have brand signs for protection of copyrights.

In Tbilisi my handmade enamel jewelry is presented in my workshop, in gallery “Qisa” and gallery “Ornamenti”, also in Batumi and Gudauri gallery “Qisa”. My jewelry is sold in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

        The popularization of Georgian traditional enamel jewelry and presentation it as a modern jewelry is one of the goals of my creativity.

Meet Nino Pateishvili at World Trade Gallery

Nino Pateilshvili was born in 1993 august 30th Tbilisi, Georgia.

Graduated from Tbilisi State University Faculty of Business administration.

Never had any education in arts, only passion.


Mostly does oil paintings on canvas. Her paintings wary from colorful landscape to surrealist portraits.

Her Artwork presents all the thoughts and images from her lifetime, such as the simple old city’s views in which she grew up and then complicated purpose of life that she gets to think about.

Her work stands out among the others with its scene of colors and smooth texture of paint. The first thing you will notice while looking at her artwork is the wholeness of the image itself.

She took part in couple of exhibitions when she was just 15 and won the award of “Best Portrait” in 2003 at the exhibition named “Golden Palette”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Since 2016 Lives in NY, United States.

Currently Student at Borough Of Manhattan Community College with Major : Multimedia and Graphic design and continues to make new pieces of art.

You can see Nino’s Artworks at World Trade Gallery!!!


Meet Ekaterine Merabishvili at World Trade Gallery

   On April 27th, at World Trade Gallery Madatart presents Ekaterine Merabishvili’s artwork named An Eternity.


   The artworks of Georgian Artists  Ekaterine Merabishvili is in private collections in many different countries an in the United States! She is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for the human spirit, painted by the unusual way. She loves to paint big canvases and her figures are very impressive and emotional.

   In 2002 Eka got Master’s Degree, Monumental-Decorative Art (Mural Art) State Academy of Art Tbilisi.
 SOLO EXHIBITIONS ;2015 Pepela Gallery New York, NY 2014 Columbus University New York, NY 2013 Davidson Media Present, Brooklyn, NY 2012 Pesvebi Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY 2003 Old City Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 1998 Hobi Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 1986 Exhibition Dedicated to World War II veterans, Tbilisi, Georgia GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 ArtExpo, New York, NY 2016 Emanuel Fremin Gallery, New York, NY 2011 Z space Gallery of Fine Art, Festival 2011, Brooklyn, NY 2008 O.J. Art Gallery, New York, NY 2003 Public Library, US Independence Day, Tbilisi, Georgia 1999 State Academy of Art Autumn Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia 1998 Joint Exhibition of Student and Faculty at the State Academy of Art Tbilisi, Georgia 1996 State Academy of Winter Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia 1995 State Academy of Art, student competition “City Views”, Tbilisi, Georgia PUBLICATIONS 2012 The Illuminated Haggadah edition, New York, NY 2011 The Illuminated Torah, edition, New York, NY 2003 US Independence Day, “Works of Young Artists Displayed in the Public Library” 2003 Mtavari Gazeti (The Main Newspaper), Tbilisi, Georgia 2003 2003 “Old Gallery” New Exhibition, Vivifying Dream of Construction of Georgia Land, 2003 The Georgia Times, (Newspaper), Tbilisi, Georgia 2003 Characters of Fairytale Will Travel By The Train, Mtavari Gazeti (The Main Newspaper), Tbilisi, Georgia.


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Meet Maya Jimsheleishvili at World Trade Gallery!!!

Maya Jimsheleishvili was born in 1979 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since she was a little, she has always had a passion for art, specifically painting and music. Graduated in 2003 from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2003, she works in oil, tempera, gold leaf, ink, pastel, graphite, playing with the materials, mixing them and enjoying the results, even when it is a “failure”. As a graphic artist, one of the very important things for her is “the line” – each line in her drawings or paintings is a stream of energy. “I experiment with different styles hopefully moving to the right direction to find myself. My art has taught me who I am but I still continue exploring the deepest parts of my soul. I enjoy searching for harmony of colors“.

1.How do you describe your art to someone who doesn’t know it?

I see my art as energy created by the combination of lines, my colors, texture,  image, and mystics that is a reflection of my inner world.

2.Which contents/thematic are present in your artistic journey/research?

I couldn’t outline any specific theme. I am concentrating on my arts, as it is very much up to my mood. My inspiration is my environment and emotions. But to be more precise sometimes I like creating abstract paintings. I love to play with colors and lines. Female portraits are my favorite, in most cases, I represent the different side of my personality in them.

3.Tell me about your beginning as an artist.

I was born in 1979 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since I was a little, I’ve always had a passion for art, specifically painting and music. I was often arranging concerts in my elementary school. I went to a musical gymnasium for 11 years. While being there I performed at several concerts with a symphonic orchestra and participated in international music contests held in Tbilisi. I became a laureate of the national contest of Georgia (1996) and took part in an international contest in Hannover, Germany (1997). On the other hand, I had a passion for painting from an early age. I had my first exhibition when I was in kindergarten.  

After graduating from the gymnasium I realized that my true vocation was painting and I decided to go to the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, from which I graduated in 2003. I attended short courses in Art and interior design at Central Saint Martin college in London, (UAL:)

4.Tell me about the choice of that specific art medium for your own artistic research. What does it represent?

I work in oil, tempera, gold leaf, ink, pastel, graphite. I love playing with the materials, mix them and enjoy the results, even if it is a failure. As a graphic artist, one of the very important things for me is “the line” – each line in my drawings or paintings is a stream of energy. I experiment with different styles hopefully moving in the right direction to find myself. My art has taught me who I am but I still continue exploring the deepest parts of my soul. I enjoy searching for a harmony of colors. 

5.What is your way of working? Do you usually design a project or you just follow a vision (mental image) that turns into a project?

It`s very controversial. Sometimes I see what I paint and sometimes I paint what I see


Maya’s artworks will be presented by Madatart at World Trade Gallery(New York), April 27 2018!

Meet Mery Shervashidze at World Trade Gallery!!!

April 27, at World Trade Gallery(New York), Madatart presents, the young artist Mery Shervashidze’s artworks, with other international artists!

Mery Shevashidze:

” I was born in 1990 in Sukhumi and I  have painted since my childhood.In 2004 I entered the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts (painting department), which I  graduated successfully. In 2007 I entered the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after VI Surikov at the  .


faculty of Painting and Restoration.In 2014, I successfully defended my diploma for the title of Master.


I participated in many art exhibitions, such as “Movement” (Project Aidan Salakhova, Center for Contemporary Art “Winzavod” 2008). “Love” (center “Mobil” in 2009). “#TATI” (loft “Little Ordynka” 2015). “Tbilisoba” (invited by the “Union of Georgian in Russia, as representative of Georgian art in Moscow, 2015). Festival of Culture “Feel Georgia” (Lendok, St. Petersburg, 2015). “Monkeys. Invasion” (loft “Little Ordynka” 2015 project site: “Exhibition of Young Art” (Art Gallery “Bridge” in 2016). “Monkeys., Invasion (ArtMuza, St.Petersburg, 2016). “Natura” (personal exhibition, country club “Alexander” in 2016). I’m an organizer and an artist of many monumental projects, such as: Projecting and painting of private real estate (houses, apartments, hotels) Projecting and painting of churches (more than 7 images, a dome); I studied in: France, Paris (art practice, 2015). Italy, Rome (University of Rome “Sapienza” in 2016). Italy, Perugia (State University for Foreigners, 2016)I participate in many different art projects and exhibitions of modern art. Also, I am an art teacher and the founder of art studio “Art’eria”

Meet Ketevan Mezurnishvili at World Trade Gallery !!!

 Ketevan Mezurnishvili was born on 14th April 1984. She started painting from the period she remembers herself, this is her sole position.
Ketevan Mezurnishvili;
  “My interest to panting was intensified by the fact that M. Toidze Fine Arts School was situated in front of my house. I had a strong interest, was very attentive to the studying process and I still remember my vital sense of delight, when I saw the wall painting in the school entrance. I dreamt to become part of this space as soon as possible.
In 1994 my family moved to a new district, where national painter Tsiala Kandelaki was our neighbor. I became her student and took lessons from her in Pioneer Palace. She took me to the State University to see Gia Bughadze wall painting and we met him. In 2001  Mr. Bughadze attended the final show of the design faculty and he appreciated positively my diploma work “Dolls”.
In 2001 I finished 50th public school and became a student of A. Kutateladze State University of Fine Arts, faculty of design.
In 2007-2010 I worked at M. Toidze Professional School as an assistant and later as the teacher of drawing, sewing, embroidering, and handicraft.
In 2010 I worked in Georgian-Italian private Studio of Arts as a teacher of composition.
In 2011 I participated in the Christmas group exhibition with the batik work “Dream Island”.
From 2011 I make handmade garnishments, dolls, I paint deferent surfaces (tables, lamps, plates . . .) and work on enamel too.
In 2013 I participated in the International Theatre festival by the collection “Dolls”.
From 2013 I give lessons of drawing, sculpting, and handicraft in my private studio.
In 2016-2017 I worked in Private Scholl “Iberia”, where I founded private courses of drawing.
In 2017 I opened art studio “QET ART STUDIO”, where I give lessons every day.
In 2018 I participated in the group exhibition in Galerie Makowski, Berlin.
At the same time, I work on my solo career. “
Ketevan Mezunishvili’s artwork will be presented by Madatart at World Trade Gallery, April 27 Manhattan, New York!

Meet TSIRA AKHOBADZE at World Trade Gallery!

Tsira Akhobadze has been participating in MADATART art exhibitions since 2016, Madatart has presented Tsira’s art works in various galleries of NYC

Group exhibitions;

September 2016 – Emmanuel Fremin Gallery located in Chelsea, New York City; December 2016 –  Artifact Gallery located in Little Italy, New York City;

April 2017 –  Artexpo New York; September 2017 – Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Solo Exhibitions:

July 2017 – Sepia EYE Gallery, located in Chelsea, New York City

She is Madatarat’s best selling artist from the list of 50+ contemporary artists Madatart has presented in New York City galleries. For the past 2 years, she has been a pleasure to work with,  she has some very innovative ideas.

Tsira Akhobadze – Georgian artist-designer was born in 1972. She received an art degree first at The Kutaisi Institute of Art and then at The Tbilisi Academy of Fine Art, from which she graduated with honors in 1997. Those years left an indelible mark on her personae. Especially the lectures of her professor Ia Pitskhelauri which tremendously influenced Tsira and her work.
In the early stages of her career, Tsira- a romantic artist by nature – was fascinated by watercolor techniques. Her landscape paintings, as well as her still lifes in watercolor, captivate viewers.
In 2000-2002 she instructed composition and painting class at The Art College in the department of custom design. She has been living in New York City since 2002.
Her artwork was exhibited at The Gallery of Warel-Nase in NY. Jersey City.
Being away from her country left its lasting mark on Tsira’s creative work. The chirpy, colorful watercolor was replaced with the meticulous graphics Each of her art-piece contains an enormous repertoire of feelings and events from her life. Some of Tsira’s artwork communicates interminable happiness while others convey boundless sadness. The artist is capable of describing and materializing the most dominant human emotions by simply creating artistic details and using them in a virtuous manner. Tsira Akobadze is constantly exploring her innate artistry. She creates original designs for customs/clothing, as well as dazzling jewelry. Her interests include fine-art photography and interior design.
Many of her artwork has become a part of numerous private collections all around the world.

April 27, at World Trade Gallery Madatart presents Tsira’s new artworks, do not miss our exhibition!!!